Friday, April 23, 2010

Reading CVC Words

In class, we have been working on reading and writing CVC words.  CVC words are three-letter words with the spelling pattern of consonant, short vowel, consonant.  Some examples of CVC words are: wig, pat, jug.  At the end of kindergarten, children should be able to sound out and read these kinds of words.

The kids have really been getting into at school.  They get so excited when they figure out new words, and I've been so proud of all of their great reading.  To help keep them practicing, I found a few CVC games online.  Check out the links below and leave a comment about the game your child likes best.  Have fun!

Place flags into the sandcastles to spell the word that is said.  You can pick one vowel at a time to help children practice just one sound.

Pick which vowel goes in each word.

Children use the mouse to move around letter and spell the word for the picture shown.  They check their work after they finish spelling the word.

On this main page, you can pick different words endings (i.e. words that end with -at), then your child can make words to match pictures.

In level 1, this game makes CVC words, then the child has to make the sounds, read the word, and decide if it's a real word or not.

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I like this and will try it with my class in Jamaica,